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"I'm a faqir (holy beggar),

I'll leave with only the bare minimum."

But have you seen a

beggar anywhere in the world,

who wears sunglasses worth ₹140,000?

And goes around in ₹120 million Mercedes.

He went on foreign tours on

what he received as charity,

and bought a digital camera,

before the digital camera was released.

And Narendra Modi claims to

be from an extremely poor family.

"In my childhood,

I used to sell tea in trains."

That's otherworldly.

"He is our God,

we worship him."

Friends, the truth is that

they have started

contorting our Hindu religion,

to push their hateful agenda.

Hello, friends!

Journalist Anil Yadav was talking to

BJP worker Mangal Vajpayee in Kanpur.

Mangal works as a loader.

He loads goods on vehicles.

"What's your name?"

"-Mangal Vajpayee."

"Mangal Vajpayee.

And you work as a loader."

Additionally, he volunteers

for BJP MLA Mahesh Trivedi.

He was expressing his belief that this

time BJP will win more than 400 seats.

"Who will win the election?"

"BJP will win with more than 400 seats."

But as the interview goes on, Mangal

talks about his difficulties in life.

He says that he has

to live without electricity.

There's no sewer system.

"We don't have electricity at home.

We don't have a toilet at home.

We aren't connected to the sewer system."

He complained about it to BJP

MLA Mahesh Trivedi multiple times,

"I told this to Mahesh Trivedi many times,

that a 20-foot pipe needs to be installed.

If that happens, our home will

be connected to the sewer system.

It hasn't happened yet."

Neither did he get anything,

nor does he expect anything.

"You are an example of someone

-who didn't get anything.

-I didn't get anything.

But despite that

-you have no complaints.

-I have no complaints.

And neither do you expect to get it now.

No hope at all."

But he still calls himself a devotee of BJP.

"It's said that a hungry person

cannot even pray properly."

To this, Mangal Vajpayee

replied, that it's wrong.

A person can satiate their

hunger even with sand.

Even with mud.

"Everything is possible."

"If one is devoted enough,

everything is possible"

"He eats sand if he is hungry."

He has no complaints.

He believes Prime Minister Modi to be God.

Worships him.

How have people become

so blind about a politician?

And he isn't the only one.

I showed you other

examples in the last video.

"If I dog contests election on

BJP's ticket, we'll make it win."

"Even if it's a literal

dog, we'll make it win."

-You are blindly following him.

-No, we are devotees.

We aren't blind, we're devotees."

"I don't think inflation is high."

"I am not wearing an undershirt

for the last 10 years, see."

"He is our God, we worship him."

This was possible due to emotional

manipulation and brainwashing.

On a large scale, people in this

country have been brainwashed.

And the mafia that is brainwashing people,

works in 4 departments.

The first department fills

people with pride and arrogance.

You are great because you are a Hindu.

The second department

tells you about victimisation.

That your ancestors were

victims for thousands of years.

The third department fills you with fear.

That you are in danger.

And the fourth department shows

Narendra Modi as the messiah.

Only Narendra Modi can save you.

I talked about the first three

departments in 3 videos.

Now, it's time to expose

the fourth department.

Narendra Modi's Cult of Personality.

How despite his many failures,

people are emotionally manipulated

into believing him to be God.

Come, let's explore this in today's video.

Friends, in June 2013,

writer Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay,

wrote a book on Narendra Modi.

This was a biography.

In his book, he wrote about how

when Narendra Modi was 6 years old,

he sold tea at Vadnagar

railway station in Gujarat.

Since then, this story about selling tea,

has been a major talking point

in Narendra Modi's struggle.

In 2015, when the Time

magazine interviewed PM Modi,

he told them how he came from a poor family.

How he had to sell tea at a

railway station in his childhood.

His exact lines were,

"I was born into a very poor family,

As a child, my childhood

was steeped in poverty.

For me, poverty was, in a way,

the first inspiration in my life."

But how true is it?

Many people have questioned it.

Look at Narendra Modi's childhood pics.

He was born in 1950.

Did any child born in a poor

family back then have such clothes?

Think about it.

He has born suits in his childhood photos.

I was born into a

middle-class family in 1994.

But you won't see any pics from my childhood,

where I wore a suit.

And not only poor, Narendra Modi claims that

he came from an extremely poor family.

India Today published

this picture of his old home.

It isn't a big house.

But does this look like the home of an

extremely poor family during the 1950s?

Narendra Modi has 4 brothers and 1 sister.

2 years later, Narendra Modi's

younger brother Prahlad Modi said that

Of the 5 brothers, whose

ever turn it would be,

they would go help their father.

Their father sold tea all his life.

Raised Narendra Modi and his siblings.

That's why Narendra Modi should

be called the son of a tea seller.

This is the writers' fault.

"All of us brothers sold tea.

My father sold tea all his life.

All his life.

That's why, the correct way would be

to address him as a tea seller's son.

Not a tea seller.

This is the reporters' fault."

In 2014, Congress leader Ahmad Patel had

said that Narendra Modi wasn't a tea seller,

instead, he was a canteen contractor.

Whether you can believe Congress or not,

but in 2021, BJP unintentionally

acknowledged this canteen claim.

Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw

instructed officials that

they beautify a canteen

at Vadnagar railway station.

It is mentioned clearly

in this India Today article.

There's a photo when you scroll down,

or this tea stall/canteen.

That was run by Narendra Modi's father.

Look at this recent CNN article.

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay clarified that

Modi's claims of poverty

are grossly exaggerated.

It has been taken out of proportion.

Not only this, in another

article, Nilanjan claims

that Narendra Modi's father had enough money

to send Modi and his brothers to school.

And going to school means that the

child cannot work full-time anywhere.

He would sometimes help

out his father after school.

This might give rise to a question,

why are such stories

exaggerated for the public?

Nilanjan says that it happens so that

an idea can be sold to the Indian public.

"Friends, in my childhood,

I used to sell tea on trains.

And now, I'm standing in front of you.

If any person thinks rationally about it,

they'll know that it doesn't

make any difference.

A good leader can be from

a poor family or a rich family.

And the same can be said about

a bad leader or a d!ctator.

As an example, Cambodia's d!ctator,

Pol Pot came from a rich family.

But Italian d!ctator Benito

Mussolini was born into a poor family.

His father was a blacksmith.

And he expressed these facts proudly,

about how he rose from the masses.

Russian d!ctator Joshep

Stalin's father was a cobbler.

He made shoes.

And his mother was a washerwoman.

The world's most infamous d!ctator, H,

was born into a poor family too.

But being born into a poor

family doesn't mean that

he worked for the welfare of

the poor people in his career.

On the other hand, H ran his own

money-grabbing schemes and rackets.

During his rule, many

crony capitalist companies

earned millions in profits.

I.G. Farben, Deutsche Bank, BMW,

some car companies that you'd know,

some people are crazy about these cars.

Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen,

all of them funded H during his rule.

In 2016, BMW apologised for this.

Look at this article.

They expressed regret for

supporting H at one point.

In India, we have seen the

Electoral Bond scam recently.

I made a video on how

this isn't a standalone scam,

rather it is a consolidation of scams.

Many companies profited from this.

But the common people suffered.

Over the last 10 years, PM Modi's friends,

like Gautam Adani,

kept getting richer beyond imagination.

And 800 million poor people in our nation

were forced to depend on 5 kg of free grains.

Unemployment and inflation

have crippled poor people.

Now, the situation is that

Narendra Modi, while talking

about being from a poor family,

projected Rahul Gandhi as a person

from the Elite sections of society,

calling him a Prince,

that Rahul Gandhi is now

telling the poor citizens,

that he thinks about the poor, while Modi

thinks of oligarchs like Ambani and Adani.

"When he gives millions to Adani

without him having to work hard for it,

it's called development.

When we started the MGNREGA scheme,

we paid labourers for their hard work,

they said that we're

spoiling the poor citizens.

I think about you.

They think of them."

Rahul claims that the amount

Narendra Modi gave Adani,

he will give the same amount

to the poor citizens in India.

"I am telling the country again,

as much as Mr Narendra Modi gave them,

we will pay the same

amount to India's poor masses.

Through the Mahalaxmi

Yojna, Pehli Naukri Pukki Yojna,

we'll give ₹100,000 to millions of people.

They made 22 billionaires,

we'll make sure millions of

people have ₹100,000 at least."

PM Modi hasn't been able to rebuke this.

Rather, he tried to say that

Adani and Ambani are

actually colluding with Congress.

in this election,

how much have they been

paid from Ambani and Adani?"

Look at this report from March.

The income inequality is

the highest in 100 years.

Things weren't this bad

even during the British rule.

If Rahul Gandhi promised that

he will uplift 220 million poor people

out of poverty over the next 5 years,

what's wrong with it?

But PM Modi started taunting him about it.

He doesn't have a vision,

he forced 800 million people

to be dependent upon handouts,

and extended this 5 kg free

ration scheme for the next 5 years.

They haven't talked about

any plans for employment,

nor have they talked about

how they'll control inflation,

they haven't talked about

how they'll eradicate poverty.

But when Rahul Gandhi

talked about employment for all,

PM Modi started making fun of him.

"Congress's Prince,

made an announcement,

you will laugh at it,

shall I tell you?

You'll have to laugh at it then."

"You know that they send money in tempos.

Is that your personal experience?"

In February 2020, in Gujarat,

the Namaste Trump event took place.

So to hide the poverty and poor people,

a 1,600-foot-long wall was built.

Think about it, 1995 to 2020,

In Gujarat, BJP was in

government for 25 years,

Of which, for 3 terms Narendra

Modi was the Chief Minister.

But they couldn't eradicate

poverty in their state.

Rather, they hid the poor.

The same thing happened in

Delhi during the G20 summit.

Some slums were hidden behind a green screen,

restricting the movement of

the poor people living there.

"This is why the shops have been hidden.

The unkempt houses have also been hidden."

Think about how dehumanising this is.

It's like someone telling you

that you are like a blemish.

And when the rich foreigners

are coming to visit our nation,

you will be hidden behind a veil.

How will you react to this?

Think about how the poor

people must have felt then.

"They tell us to go away.

They can tell the poor to go away.

Can they dare to tell that to the rich?"

Due to all this, Narendra

Modi's "poor family" branding,

has almost dried up.

But this is just one part

of his cult of personality.

The second part is about his family.

On WhatsApp and through

the pro-government media,

you are repeatedly told that

Narendra Modi is so great

because he left his family for the nation.

He abandoned his wife.

Well, this is a personal matter.

It's not a big deal if a couple

don't want to live together.

This happens to many people.

But these people drag this

personal matter into public,

to show it as an achievement.

Abandoning his wife for the country.

Does it make any sense?

Former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri,

did not abandon his wife.

So could he not work for the nation?

Everyone knows about Mahatma

Jyotirao Phule's wife Savitribai Phule.

Has he not made a great

contribution to our nation?

If you have watched Ram Leela,

you would have seen how Sita

supported Ram during his exile.

And Ram didn't stop at anything to save her.

What is this WhatsApp

University's anti-woman mentality?

Where a woman is seen as a hindrance.

Where abandoning one's

wife is seen as an achievement.

And not only his wife,

WhatsApp mafia says this

about Narendra Modi's family too.

Let alone others,

Narendra Modi keeps

repeating this again and again.

He says that he left his

family for this country.

"My fellow citizens,

I left my home, family,

everything, for this country."

Punjab Kesari newspaper wrote his praises

and compared him to Lord

Buddha and Mahavir Jain.

But I want to ask them.

Did Lord Buddha leave his home

to make such remarks?

Called someone Congress's widow.

Insulted someone by calling

her a "₹500 million girlfriend."

Spread hatred in society.

Lord Buddha didn't do this to get more power.

He was an actual prince.

He left his title, his palace,

and the throne to go to the forest.

And behind him, his

parents, his wife Yashodhara,

and his son Rahul lived

in comfort in the palace.

When Buddha reached enlightenment,

do you what was the first thing he said?

There's a transcript of one of

Osho's lectures on

"When Buddha reached enlightenment,

the first thing he told his disciples was

he wanted to go to Yashodhara,

and talk to her."

His disciple, Ananda, was surprised at this,

he didn't agree with this.

He worried about what people would think.

But Buddha said that he

had to thank her for her help.

Whatever he could achieve,

he wanted to thank

her for being a part of it.

He was indebted to her.

So he went to her.

Yashodhara saw him,

she was angry at him for the last 12 years.

She said that he could

have told her before leaving.

That she wouldn't have stopped him.

He should've trusted her.

Buddha apologised and

said that he didn't know better.

And now that he knew, he came back.

He told her that something had happened.

He said that his first

responsibility was towards her.

That's why he wanted to

share his experience with her.

By then, Yashodhara had started tears.

Now look at Prime Minister

Modi's Instagram account.

He attended Priyanka Chopra

and Nick Jonas' wedding reception,

congratulated them.

Look at this video.

In Virat Kohli and Anushka

Sharma's wedding reception,

he gave them roses.

He went to Malayalam actor

Suresh Gopi's daughter's wedding.

To Times Now anchor

Navika Kumar's son's wedding.

When Mukesh Ambani started a hospital,

he went there to congratulate him.

Look at this news article too.

Narendra Modi attended Gautam Adani's son

Karan's grand engagement ceremony.

He has the time to attend weddings

of Bollywood celebrities and oligarchs.

It's not wrong, per se,

he can attend these events if he wants to.

But my question is,

does a person need to leave only his

brothers and family to serve his country?

Look at this ABC article.

Avani Dias reports that in October 2023

the Modi family came together

for his nephew's engagement.

But one person wasn't there.

Narendra Modi

You would have seen photos and videos,

of Prime Minister Modi

going to meet his mother.

That's great!

But have you ever noticed that

there would be only three people there.

Prime Minister Modi,

his mother,

and the cameraman.

Sometimes there would be 2-3 other people,

but those would be other cameramen.

3 years ago, BBC correspondent Tejas Vaidya

talked to PM Modi's brother Prahlad Modi.

Here's what he had to say.

"He instructs family members to stay away."

There are clear orders about

other family members staying away.

PM Modi's niece, Sonal

Modi, said the same thing.

That they're asked to stay away.

She was asked that though many

people were invited to the oath ceremony,

why weren't they invited?

Here's what she had to say.

"During Narendra Modi's oath

ceremony as the Prime Minister,

many people were invited to witness that,

were you invited then?

Did you want to attend?"

"Everyone wanted to attend.

But unfortunately, we weren't invited."

G20's theme was

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,

One Earth One Family,

but his own family,

but his own siblings,

are kept at a distance like this.

Why so?

Lord Ram lived with his family.

Ram, Bharat, Lakshman, and Shatrughan,

there was so much love

among these 4 brothers.

Does this mean that

King Ram couldn't help his subjects?

He established the Ram Rajya.

When there were no poor,

unemployed, or downtrodden people.

Again, this is Prime Minister

Modi's personal matter.

If he wants to have relationships with

people from Bollywood, Ambani, and Adani,

and not with his family,

His choice.

I have no problem with this.

The problem is that

why is this portrayed as an achievement?

That he abandoned his family.

And that he is great for doing so.

Is this an achievement?

The side effect of this is that

many Hindu youngsters have been brainwashed.

Ideally, they should want

to study well and work hard.

They should aim to start earning

and looking after their parents.

But no, things are so

bad that some youngsters,

are happy with waving

swords in front of mosques.

They don't care about

their families, their parents.

Selling point #1 was that

he was from a poor family.

Selling point #2 is

that he abandoned his family for the country.

And the selling point #3

is him being a holy beggar.

Narendra Modi often says that

he survived for a long time on charity.

Sometimes he says it was for 35 years,

sometimes he says 40 years.

"For nearly 40 years,

I went about begging for food."

"For 35 years,

I went about begging for food."

Well, it might have

been a slip of the tongue.

Whether it's 35 years or 40 years,

he might have been confused.

The point is, he became an MLA in 2002.

He was then around 52 years old.

Before that, in the 1990s,

He could somehow afford

to go on foreign tours.

In this photo, he is standing in

front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

This was in front of the White House.

This is from Hollywood, USA.

He went to London and Malaysia too.

Could someone living on people's charity

afford foreign tours in the 1990s?

In the meanwhile,

Narendra Modi got his BA

and MA degrees allegedly,


You tell me.

In 1990, the Dycam Model 1 was released.

Launched in the US, this

was the first commercially

available digital camera

launched in the world.

But PM Modi told us in an interview that

that he used a digital

camera for the first time

in 1987-1988.

"I used a digital camera for the first time."

"It was in 1987 or 1988, I think."

He went on foreign tours on

what he received as charity,

and bought a digital camera,

before the digital camera was released.

That's unheard of.

"Wow, Mr Modi, wow. Wow!"

A songwriter who pawned off his pen said that

he is otherworldly.

"You are otherworldly."

At times, Narendra Modi claims that

he is a holy beggar,

he'll pack his bags and leave.

"I'm a faqir (holy beggar),

I'll leave with only the bare minimum."

But have you seen a

beggar anywhere in the world,

who wears sunglasses worth ₹140,000?

He made his aged mother stand

in a line during demonetisation.

While he goes about in ₹120 million Mercedes.

On one hand, our country saw

a Prime Minister like Shastri.

It's said that he had only 2 sets of outfits.

When they were torn beyond repair,

he made them into handkerchiefs.

But look at these photos

from PM Modi's US visit.

He changed outfits 4 times a day.

Look at this article from The Print.

While travelling to Uttarakhand and Himachal,

PM Modi changed outfits 4 times in 8 hours.

Look at thi

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